IINE’s Not Encryption

IINE (pronounced in-E) is a new data compression algorithm for digital amateur radio communications.  IINE stands for IINE Is Not Encryption.  It can be used with any existing amateur radio mode that transmits data such as PSK31, RTTY, or AX.25.  A special mode is available in the algorithm to use over CW.

In compliance with US FCC Rule §97.309(4), the documented technical characteristics of IINE are:

The IINE data compression algorithm takes a stream of eight bit ASCII values, strips the eighth (most significant), and then XORs the resulting stream with a 2048 bit pseudorandom binary sequence.  This results in a 12.5% decrease in symbols transmitted.

A hardware implementation for IINE is available in chip form from Anthony Good, K3NG.  Programmed chips cost $20K USD.  Volume discounts are available.

Hope to work you on the air using IINE!


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