Welcome to Radio Artisan, and a special shout out to former K3NG Report readers.  This is my new creation which will focus on projects and operating activities.  Links to projects and “sticky” articles are over on the right.  I will generally post articles when some new project page has been created or if there’s an update to an existing one.

A few of the pages are past postings from the K3NG Report.  The PIC Keyer is a project that I’ve had published for several years now.  My newest creations are the Arduino CW Keyer and the Arduino Computer Rotator Interface / Yaesu Rotator Interface Emulator.  Both are being actively developed with new features, but are fully functional.

I’m currently on an Arduino kick as you may be able to tell.  I also have in the works a frequency counter which will interface with the CW keyer, and a DDS chip controller which may become the basis for a larger project.  I also have in the works an Arduino controlled balanced antenna tuner.

If you have any interests in these projects, please be sure to drop me a line.


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I saw Your “Arduino Rotator Computer Serial Interface / Controller”.
    It’s excelent !!,
    I’m making PCB and Hardware,
    Can I provide with your program to japanese Ham stations?

    1. Hello Karl,

      Thanks for your message. Yes, you may provide the program to Japanese hams. I hope you enjoy the project!


  2. Has anyone ported this over to the STM32 (blue pill) yet? These boards are priced less than 2 bucks on Ebay. There would be enough memory left to hold a Basketball game and a Trump rally.

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