My Code Runneth Over

The code-writing squirrels at Radio Artisan Labs have produced another update to the Arduino Keyer code. This update provides a plethora of functions for the PS2 keyboard feature, increases the number of memories to 12, and the number of supported transmitters to six.  I’ve never encountered the Ultimatic mode in the wild, but it’s now available as are Iambic A, Iambic B, bug, and straight key modes.  Ham Radio Deluxe can now talk to the keyer, which can be used to provide a rather nice graphical user interface to most keyer settings and functions.  A host of other logging and contest programs should interface with it as well as some kinks in the serial USB interfacing were worked out.  And as if that wasn’t enough, the code now sports a GNU license like all good free software should.

The next features to be developed are an LCD display with eight soft keys and CW receive capability.  The squirrels want to write some code that will automatically make QSOs while they’re on a DXpedition vacation in Aruba, wanting more time on the beach and less in the shack.

One thought on “My Code Runneth Over

  1. After reading your blog I’m even more encouraged to finish my studies and go take the Technician exam (to start with). When it went no-code way back I started studying, and then I couldn’t find a local group to give me a test. Brain fade has me reviewing once again an a move down south here has me living around 3 diff groups an two test.
    As someone who loves Arduino, has been struggling to do receive only digital modes with my little Degan shortwave receiver, can code a bit and love radio/electronics/tech and a head ‘sploding with ideas – you’ve got me fired up.
    Thank you.

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