Broadband “Weekend at Bernie’s” Continues at FCC

The FCC has released a second Report and Order, affirming its rules for Broadband Over Powerline (BPL).  The document is available here.  It’s quite a lengthy mind-numbing read, but skimming through it, it appears the FCC has rejected changes to its previous findings over the past several years.  Undoubtedly ARRL will have much reporting and analysis over the next few days.  

After eight years of trying to take hold, Internet access BPL has for all intents and purposes become a dead technology, not even being mentioned in recent FCC broadband reports.  The BPL industry has been attempting to make inroads into so-called Smart Grid technology which will upgrade and automate electrical distribution networks.  I haven’t been following this industry closely, but last I had looked they didn’t appear to be having much success.  However the love affair with BPL at the FCC, and the OET in particular, lives on.

One thought on “Broadband “Weekend at Bernie’s” Continues at FCC

  1. Smart grid is very much alive, and necessary for new generation/transmission/loads to be effectively operated. Some smart meters – grid connected utility meters that allow time of use pricing and remote reading – are living in the 900MHz band.

    I’m pretty amazed that the old off-peak/on-peak power price switching (managed by a tone on BBC Radio 4 LW, 198kHz) that we used to have in the UK 30 years ago would be considered “smart grid” in North America!

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