Supporting CW

RSGB had this puzzling note in its recent news script:

Some say that CW has been made obsolete by modern digimodes, which work well in conditions far too poor for the older mode. Now that Morse is no longer used in commercial radio traffic, the RSGB confirms that it would fight any moves to prohibit CW on amateur bands. The Society recognises that Morse gives much pleasure to thousands of operators, and will continue to support its use.

The blurb doesn’t cite any specific threats.  To use a quote never said by, but attributed to Jerry Seinfeld, “Who are these people?

I’ve said before that there are people saying there are people saying that CW is dying, but I have yet to find anyone saying CW is dying.  Much like American politics, we tend to get our panties in a bunch making up things to be outraged over and threats to be worried about.  No radio amateur who has been licensed more than a week would seriously propose to outlaw CW operation.  Any amateur who does is likely insane or doesn’t have the capacity to garner support of anyone from amateurs to government officials.

Perhaps I’m reading more into the RSGB statement and giving it more time than it deserves, but my guess is RSGB suffers from one of the thorns that has been in the side of ARRL here in the States.  People make accusations that the organization doesn’t support the code, in order to increase the number of licensed amateurs and fill its coffers with more memberships.  The people who make such nonsense accusations are still upset with the elimination of the code test or just dislike the organization and look for whatever means to criticize it.  To this day I still hear people claim ARRL doesn’t support CW, despite petitioning the FCC for a 5 WPM test for the Extra class test and running code practice and bulletin broadcasts every weekday.  Myths are hard to replace with facts.

3 thoughts on “Supporting CW

  1. The sky isn’t falling, but a few years ago 25 kc of the cw portion of the 40 meter band were given over to phone operation here in the states, just sayin’. Really enjoy your blog. 73 de Tom, AB9NZ

  2. Hi Tom. Thanks for your kind words :-) I think a lot of people interpreted that 40 meter change as a slight against CW, but that part of the band suffered from a lack of usage for years. Technically there was no loss of CW spectrum allocations as one could still operate CW there. CW remains the only mode one can operate anywhere on any band. 73 Goody

  3. I have read the same but the stats say CW contesting is on the increase big time. Also when Im on my K3 and listen to the CW portion of the band it’s very busy. As I a side note I have read that in Europe there are non hams who take part in very high speed CW contests. It seems to be a very popular event but it’s not mixed with ham radio.

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