wtf-catDid you ever hear a DX station calling KQ, all stuck together like a prosign, instead of calling CQ?  I’ve heard this several times in recent years and I’ve wondered what’s up with that.  Is it too difficult to throw the extra dit in there?

But I digress….

3 thoughts on “KQ?

  1. Had a hiccup when I posted so I hope this doesn’t show up twice.
    do you think they were using CW software with a problem? As I am sure you know, there have in the past been products knocked out of the market because the developers were in too big of a rush to get the thing out to the public before they did proper testing. Smart developers know this. I have no doubt that you are one of those so I am just preaching to the choir.

  2. There is nothing like laziness when it’s well carried out. To Quote my sage old Mum! dit dit dit dit ……!

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