ARRL Is Right

ARRL published an article, ARRL Calls for Timely, Visible, FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement , on April Fool’s Day.  Initially I was expecting it to be an April Fool’s joke, but it’s not.  I think ARRL is spot on.  Despite two recent cases that I can recall where amateurs relinquished their licenses or had significant fines imposed, FCC enforcement has been rather quiet since Riley Hollingsworth retired in 2009.  Remember who took his place?  I had to Google it to remember.  That’s not good.

3 thoughts on “ARRL Is Right

  1. Yup, the young lady was gonna lay down the law and learn code too- Smith is not yet a licensed amateur. She said that she will get her license “someday,” but that she did not want to get her license just because her job involves Amateur Radio: “I didn’t want to come into this job and become a ham, saying, ‘I’m getting this job so I’m going to be a ham — not because I’m interested in being a ham, but because it looks better on paper.’ So ultimately I will become a ham.” Smith said that her father-in-law, when stationed in the FCC”s Field Office in Los Angeles, used to administer the Morse code test to prospective licensees: “So he has challenged me that before I can become an amateur on any level, I must learn Morse code and I must past the test with him administering the Morse code. So I have a challenge. I am going to begin learning Morse code this summer. He is going to start teaching me, so once I have sufficient proficiency, then he will let me take the [Technician] test.”

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